Transfer Station & Recycling Information

  • Beginning on January 1st 2016, the Town started Single Stream Recycling.  White paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, tin cans, glass bottles/jars are now treated as a single class by our recycler.
  • No plastic bags may be placed with recyclables.
  • Brush and logs accepted ONLY until 30 minutes before closing times.
  • We can once again accept TELEVISIONS (including REAR PROJECTION TELEVISIONS) and COMPUTER MONITORS free of charge (Town Board Resolution 2015-090).

Please be considerate of our neighbors and cover any open loads when traveling to and from the Transfer Station.

Many recyclables are accepted without charge.  Please see the "Current Rules".  However, our recycling contractor does NOT accept some materials which are technically recyclable - examples include Styrofoam, the clear plastic packaging commonly used as containers for many retail items and plastic films such as common kitchen wraps/sealers.  For a complete list visit:

Disposal costs necessitate a small fee for non-recyclables and some bulky or difficult recyclables.

The State Comptroller has ruled that the Transfer Station cannot accept cash payments.  We do accept checks or money orders made out to the "Town of Schodack" for the exact amount. Please include your name, address, and phone number on your form of payment.  Credit cards are also acceptable forms of payment at the Transfer Station.  For credit card use (master card or visa card), a convenience fee of $1.75 or 2.45% (whichever is higher) will be applied to each transaction.