Castleton Volunteer Ambulance Squad

We train, drill, stand shifts on duty... and answer EMS calls throughout the community, whenever and where ever.

 We are responsible for the emergency medical response and treatment for the residents of the Town of Schodack. Our outlying areas are covered by our neighboring agency - Nassau Ambulance.

Castleton Volunteer Ambulance has 24 active/riding members. During 2003, we answered 799 calls. Most were for illness or injury, but we also respond to fire calls, to care for occupants and the firefighters.

We respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In recent times of low volunteer availability, we have had to rely on a paid day staff. We have tried to maintain the same level of commitment from our day staff that is shown by our volunteers. Our day staff runs from 6am - 6pm, with our volunteers responsible from 6pm-6am Monday - Friday and 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Each of our members commits to between 12-36 hours of being "on call" per week, not including training to keep our skill level at NYSDOH standards. Becoming an EMT-D (Emergency Medical Technician, defibrillator certified) requires 110 hours of initial training. Once qualified, training continues: State Department of Health "Continuing Education" and Recertification requirements require roughly the equivalent of a full workweek each year ...above and beyond the hours spent in service.

We are all not only members of the Castleton Volunteer Ambulance, but residents of the Town of Schodack. We believe in keeping our skill levels high and maintaining full commitment.