Dog License/Leash Law

New York State law requires all dogs to be licensed by four months of age. Before a license can be issued or renewed, current proof of rabies vaccination must be provided. Rabies is a contagious and serious disease spread from animals to people, so having them vaccinated, helps to protect not only your dog, but you and your family.


  • $7.00 for a spayed/neutered Dog
  • $15.00 for Dog who is not spayed/neutered
  • $3.00 for replacement of Tag, if applicable


  • Dog must be over the age of 4 months (Notwithstanding the foregoing, any person owning a dog under four months of age found running at large shall be required to obtain a license)
  • Provide a copy of the current Rabies Certificate (must be valid for more than 30 days prior to licensing and be signed by a licensed veterinarian)
  • Provide proof the animal has been altered (spayed/neutered), if applicable. If proof is not available,  the owner may fill out an Affidavit at the Clerk's office.

Upon licensing, a tag is issued that must be affixed to the dog's collar.  If you or your dog loses the original Town of Schodack tag, the cost of a replacement tag will be $3.00.

A renewal letter is sent out on a yearly basis based upon the anniversary of the license. Dog owners who do not respond to the renewal notice will be contacted by the Clerk's office. In the event the owner does not respond after several delinquency notices and subsequent follow-up phone calls, their name is forwarded to the Animal Control Officer for further action. The Animal Control Officer visits the residence for final compliance. If no attempt is made to license the dog after all these procedures, the dog owner can be ticketed and/or fined with non-compliance of State and Town law. During a dog enumeration if your dog is unlicensed, an additional fee is applied to the required licensing fee.

Leash Law

Please note that the Town of Schodack has a Leash Law. All dogs, when not confined to the property of their owner, must be under control and on a leash not in excess of 12 feet in length. However, if you are walking your dog in the Town Park, the leash cannot be longer than 6 feet. This is a change from the previous law which stated that dogs had to be confined or leashed only between sundown and sunrise. You may view the full text of the law here. Any dog found running a large may be seized pursuant to law. The owner is subject to impoundment fees and a fine. For the well being of your dog, yourself and your neighbors, be a responsible pet owner and leash your dog when it is not on your property. Remember too - Love Me, License Me. If you have any questions please call the Schodack Town Clerk's office at (518) 477-7590.

Wild Animals and Snakes

General Municipal Law §209-cc, requires that each person owning, possessing or harboring a wild animal must report its presence to their local municipal clerk before April 1st of each year. This information is then provided to emergency services personnel so that they may protect themselves, other people and the animals when responding to an emergency. "Wild animals" includes non-human primates, members of the wild cat, dog and bear families, all venomous snakes, all constrictors and pythons 10 feet or greater in length and members of the crocodile and alligator families 5 feet or greater in length. For more information, a complete list of animals and/or required forms contact Debra Curtis, Schodack Town Clerk at 265 Schuurman Rd., Castleton, NY 12033, by email, or telephone (518) 477-7590.