Snow Removal

Snow Removal
Snow Removal

Winter presents the Highway Department one of its greatest challenges. Conditions from snow to sleet to ice to freezing rain and to rain create difficult driving conditions. The Highway Department takes great pride in meeting those challenges head on. The department goal is to provide "pavement-edge to pavement-edge" snow removal and it asks residents to avoid parking on street during snow events. The Town's road system is broken into 10 snow routes, each assigned to a separate crew. Each of those routes takes about three to three-and-a-half hours to complete .

The following information will help residents to understand the Snow Removal Policy and what is expected from them.
  • Ensure your mailbox is installed properly. Mailboxes installed too low or too close to pavement edge are susceptible to being struck by plow wings. Please believe plowmen hate hitting mailboxes. They are responsible to reinstall them if they're at fault. However, plowmen will not reinstall mailboxes struck due to improper installation. Please contact your local post office for the correct measurements if you are unsure.
  • Do not throw snow from walkways or driveways onto the road. Most people don't know this, but it's actually against the law. New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law section 1219 (a) states: No person shall throw or deposit upon any highway any glass bottle, glass, nails, tacks, wire, cans, snow or any other substance likely to injure any person, animal, or vehicle upon such highway. Besides, plowmen are very likely to plow it right back into your driveway.
  • Please clear all your vehicle windows before travel. See and be seen. Slow down a little when in the area of snow removal operations. Like you, plowmen have blind spots when they drive. See and be seen. Working together we can make this and every snow removal season a great success.
To help keep your driveway clear and safe this winter:
  • Snow should be plowed or shoveled to the right side of the driveway as you are facing the intersecting roadway (see diagram). This action will prevent the bulk of the snow from being pushed back onto the driveway. 
  • Eliminate snow piles at the driveway entrance whenever possible. High accumulations of snow will obstruct the vision of motorists when exiting from the driveway and hinder the ability of oncoming motorists to see you pulling out of the driveway, creating another potential for accidents.
  • Do not push snow out onto roads at anytime. This creates hazardous driving conditions for all vehicles.