The highway department garage is located on the north side of Route 20, just east of the intersection with Bunker Hill Road. Opened in 2007, the structure allows storage of vehicles undercover which, in turn, permits preloading of plow trucks with sand and salt, to speed response to winter storms without incurring additional overtime. The storage area provides an assigned "spot" for each vehicle and is heated to about 45 degrees, which means trucks start with less wear and tear, and need not be left idling during breaks between trips around their routes during plowing operations, which frequently extend the regular workday to 12 to 14 hours.

 This picture was taken while most of our trucks were on the road, cleaning up a mix and ice and snow.

Large service bays also make our mechanics more efficient than in the old building, since they no longer need to shuffle vehicles in and out, and because we can maintain the service area at a temperature around 62 degrees, they're able to work in lighter clothing for those tasks which require great manual dexterity.

The facility also provides work space for Superintdent Ken Holmes (seen here in his office), the Water Department and administrative staff. A "break room" does double duty, providing space for staff meetings. Locker rooms (male and female) allow highway personnel to store the gear they use on-site.

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Your Highway and Water Departments at Work

Crews perform maintenance on our roads, year-round, but major projects such as repaving are scheduled for summer. Brush cutting and drainage ditch improvements are generally peformed in fall, winter and spring, depending on weather and other workloads.

Water Operators, like Jan Spring (orange vest), ensure that Schodack's numerous water districts enjoy ample supplies of clean, safe water.