Supervisor's Report

Schodack Supervisor’s Report for August 2019
In a continuing effort to keep residents informed of my activities as well as issues pertaining to the Town, I submit to them this report for August of 2019. As always, further information can be found on the Town’s website or it’s social media pages by searching for Town of Schodack on Facebook or Twitter.
Our highway crew has been busy this summer making repairs and upgrades to our roads. A wet spring and some serious downpours over the past few weeks have tested and revealed some flaws in drainage systems around town and our crew have been quick to respond and fix these problems. Additionally, they’ve been able to chip seal several roads in town, saving taxpayers money by extending the lifespan of these roads. The highway crew completed several repairs to the curbs and walkways leading into the Town Hall, improving the handicap accessibility and safety for all visitors. In the coming weeks the Highway Crew will be assisting in the paving of some roads in town as well. I’ve been out on the job site several times this summer with the highway crew and Superintendent Ken Holmes and I want to extend my thanks and gratitude for the hard work and challenges they continually overcome in providing our residents with the best and safest roads possible.
On August 14th, I attended the grand opening of ImperativeCare on Miller Road. ImperativeCare is an urgent care facility that fits a growing need in the area, and I want to thank them for choosing Schodack as their home. Later that day I took several county and state representatives to the Amazon site to check on the progress of the work. These businesses are welcome additions to our town and their economic impact is already being felt. I look forward to continuing my work on promoting Schodack as a great place to invest in.
And finally, with the school year starting again I want to encourage everyone to be mindful of our buses and students on the roads. Good luck to all our students and teachers on a successful School Year!
Supervisor David Harris