School Tax Payments

If your school is in the Schodack Central or East Greenbush Central School District, you can review your bill at the egov site.  This office collects school taxes only for the Schodack Central and East Greenbush school districts.

This office has no role in collecting Averill Park or Ichabod Crane School District taxes.  However, for your convenience, Ichabod Crane does provide tax bill information at infotaxonline.  You'll find both Averill Park at

You can also get school tax information by calling your school district:
  • East Greenbush Central Schools:    207-2542
  • Schodack Central Schools:    732-2124
  • Averill Park Central Schools:        674-7085
  • Ichabod Crane School District:    758-7575 ext. 3001