Looking for Information

Underground Railroad

Do you know of any houses that were used before or during the Civil War as safe havens for slaves on their way to Canada? There is no documentation I am aware of about "safe houses" in the Town of Schodack, but there must have been routes through the town used by runaway slaves. The Hudson River was a known "highway" north, and known safe houses were located in neighboring towns, so it is probable slaves passed through the town. I would like to record possible home locations and then plot them on a map to determine possible routes through the town. I would like to hear from you even with "hearsay" about older homes that were "stops" on the Underground Railroad. Please email me at if you have information to share.

Looking for Photos

Do any of you have old photographs of life in Schodack that you would like to donate to the historian's office? While I have several early photographs in the historian files, I would love to increase the photography collection. I am particularly interested in photographs from the 1950s or earlier showing places in the town such as houses, farms, old roads, early industries and businesses. In short, I am interested in collecting photographs showing what life was like in the "good, old days." The photographs can be any size including snapshots.

Schodack Yearbooks

The East Greenbush historian's office has a large collection of East Greenbush Central School (Columbia High School) yearbooks from centralization to the present. The collection was developed largely from donations by town residents. I would like to develop a similar collection of yearbooks from Schodack Central School (Maple Hill High School). I do not have any at the present time. Yearbooks are a useful reference in answering questions about when present and former residents lived in the town. So, if you have any old yearbooks you would like to donate, I would be happy to accept them for the historian's files. Stop in on Thursday morning, call me at 477-7939, extension 316 or email me.

Diane Hutchinson,
Town Historian