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A New York State Designated "Quality Community"


Quality Community

Call or write us! Unless otherwise noted, postal mail should be directed to:
(name or office), Town of Schodack, 265 Schuurman Rd., Castleton, NY 12033

Latest Update: 31 Mar 14

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Name or Office Email address Phone
Dennis Dowds 518.477.7918
FAX: 477.9594
Assistant to the Supervisor
Dawne Kelly 518.477.7918
Town Board Members Frank Curtis
Michael Kenney
Jim Bult
Scott Swartz
Animal Control Officer,
Gene Paul Martel
PO Box 582, Nassau 12123 Cell:
Sole Assessor
Peter Goold 518.477.7932
FAX: 479.3122
Assistant Assessor
Karen Justus 518.477.7932
Asst Building Inspector/Code Enforcement
Nick Defruscio 518.477.7940
FAX: 477.7983
Building Dep't Secretary
Coleen Papas 518.477.7940
FAX: 477.7983
Director, Planning & Zoning
Nadine Fuda 518.477-7938
FAX: 477.7983
Planning and Zoning Secretary
Melissa Knights 518.477.7940
FAX: 477.7983
Paul Harter 518.477.7919
Fax: 518.477-6546
Asst Comptroller
Laura Palmer 518.477.7917
Fax: 518.477.6546
Susan Pilipczuk 518.477.7917
Fax: 518.477.6546
Town Justice
Paul Peter
use phone or fax 518.477.9390
FAX: 477.2546
Town Justice
Bruce J. Wagner
use phone or fax 518.477.9390
FAX: 477.2546
Court Officer
William Dikant
use phone or fax 518.477.9390
FAX: 477.2546
Sr. Court Clerk
Trish Loomis 518.477.9390
FAX: 477.2546
Court Clerk
Heather Bender 518.477.9390
FAX: 477.2546
Highway Superintendent
Ken Holmes
3776 U.S. Route 20
Nassau, New York 12123 518.766.4000
FAX: 766.7590
Human Resource Manager (Part time)
Kerrie D. Joiner 518.477-3628
FAX: 477.6546
Town Historian
Diane Hutchinson (518) 477-7939 x 316
Police Chief
Bernhard Peter
New, Aug 15
Receiver of Taxes
Katherine Lubbers 477.7935
FAX: 479.3122
Town Clerk
Donna Conlin 518.477.7590
FAX: 477.2439
Deputy Town Clerk
Karen Vecchione 518.477.7590
FAX: 477.2439
Deputy Town Clerk
Lois Ciccolella 518.477.7590
FAX: 477.2439
Bruce Goodall 518.477-8491
FAX: 477.7983
Youth & Recreation Services
Sheila Golden, Director Please use email

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