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Office of the Town Clerk
Updated: 23 Feb 14

Donna Conlin, Town Clerk
Karen Vecchione, Deputy Town Clerk
Lois Ciccolella, Deputy Town Clerk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
Other Services

Welcome to the Town Clerk's Office, the information center of Town government. As Town Clerk, I have made it a priority to bring insightful and innovative practices to the office, to be receptive to new ideas and to incorporate automation and other labor-saving procedures into the workplace so that we have a more efficient, productive office, which ultimately benefits you, the customer. In keeping with this standard, my staff and I have taken various educational and training courses and I am both a Certified Municipal Clerk and a Registered Municipal Clerk. Karen Vecchione, Deputy Clerk, is also a Registered Municipal Clerk. We are here to serve you on a daily basis, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

A Halloween treat for visitorsLois Ciccolella, Deputy Town Clerk....
This Deputy Clerk takes dog licensing to a new level!

While Town Clerks are generally credited with issuing licenses, that is only a small part of this complex job. Many duties are mandated by law in this multi-faceted office, but there are also a number of other services that we provide to town government and offer to the public. As the most accessible form of government, we are here to serve and assist you. We try to respond promptly to your questions in a courteous, professional manner. If we cannot help you, we will refer to you to the office or agency that can. If my staff or I can be of service, or you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (518) 477-7590 or stop in and see us. We are located at 265 Schuurman Road (just off Rtes. 9 & 20). Our offices are on the first floor, to the left as you enter the building. Stop by and say hello!


Mailing Address:
Donna Conlin
Schodack Town Clerk
265 Schuurman Rd.
Castleton, NY 12033
(518) 477-7590
FAX: 477-2439

Donna Conlin, Town Clerk

Town Hall Office Hours: M-F 8:30am-4:30pm except Holidays. Note that some departments operate additional hours as listed on their pages

Court: 477-9390
Emergency:   911
Police Non-Emerg:
Supervisor: 477-7918
Town Clerk: 477-7590
Trnsfr Stn: 477-8491
Phones & emails

The Town Clerk is the:

  • As Registrar of Vital Records, the Town Clerk is responsible for keeping a permanent record of all births and deaths that occur within the boundaries of the Town. Birth and death records are NOT public records and their confidentiality is protected by New York State Public Health Law. Vital Records are not subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) and are not subject to public inspection. Vital Statistics provides birth and death records for those events that occur in the Town of Schodack. Our records begin with October 31, 1882, although we have some sporadic birth records dating back to 1871, and all records are maintained under guidelines and requirements of the New York State Department of Health. The Registrar and other employees of Vital Statistics deal with relatives, funeral homes, social services agencies and others in providing accurate and legal documents. The office also makes documented corrections to certificates, can issue various certificates upon proof of entitlement under NYS Public Health law and also issues burial and disposition permits. Individuals needing copies of any of these certificates can obtain them by coming to City Hall and presenting the proper identification. Fees are $10.00 per copy for birth and death records and $11.00 for each genealogy record. Birth records can only be released to the person themselves once they are 18 years old, a parent listed on the birth record, a lawful representative or by court order. Birth records are not public records and New York State Public Health law protects their confidential nature. A birth record, for those people born in the Town of Schodack, also can be requested by mail, under the same restrictions mentioned above. All those wishing a birth certificate must supply the full name at birth, date of birth, place of birth, fatherís name, motherís name including maiden name, and be able to prove their identify and verify the purpose for which the certificate is being requested.

    A copy of a death record for a person who died in the Town of Schodack can be requested by coming in person to our office. Death records are not public records and New York State Public Health law protects their confidential nature. The deceasedís spouse, parent, child, siblings or lawful representative with proper identification can request certified copies. All other persons must have proof of why they need the death certificate as well as identification. A certified copy of a death record of a person who died in the City of Albany also can be requested by mail. Requestors must supply the name of deceased, date of death, place of death, date of birth, age, parentís names, the deceasedís social security number, and be able to verify their relationship, the purpose for requesting the certificate and provide identification.

    Under state mandated guidelines, we can also assist in genealogy research. A death record must be on file for 50 years before it can be accessed for genealogy. A birth record must be on file for 75 years and the person must be known to be deceased. The time limits specified above can be waived if the person who is making the request has proof of direct lineage to prove relationship (grandparent, parent, child) to the person whose record is being requested.

  • Filing Officer for the Town: All local laws, oaths of office, affidavits of publication, resignations, petitions, annual budgets, fiscal reports, assessment rolls, bonds, and other pertinent town documents are filed in the Town Clerk's Office.
  • Permit Issuing Agent: Issues licenses and permits for marriages, dogs, conservation (hunting and fishing), duck stamps, bingo, games-of-chance licenses, handicapped parking (download a .pdf form from DMV), the Transfer/Recycling Station Rules and fees, peddling and soliciting, trailers, and street-openings (excavation). Under the New York State Education Law, the Clerk's Office can issue Certificates of Residency (How to get one?) to individuals who will be attending Hudson Valley Community College.
  • The Town Park, located on Poyneer Rd., has a wonderful pavilion for your next event. The Town Clerk administers the rental of the facility. The application for facility use and regulations is available in MS Word format  or Acrobat - .pdf - format.
  • Records Management Officer: The Clerk acts as custodian of all permanent Town records and provides for the storage, retrieval and disposition of records for all departments of the Town. All records are maintained in accordance with New York State Record Retention and Disposition Schedule (MU-1).
  • Records Access Officer / FOIL: All Freedom of Information (FOIL) requests are administered through the Town Clerk's office. In 2006 Governor Pataki approved legislation (Chapter 182 of the Laws of the State of New York) to amend the Freedom of Information Law. It requires that all entities, having electronic capabilities to receive and respond to FOIL requests via e-mail. So in compliance with that directive, you may submit requests by either of the following methods:
    Request for Records Printable Format - If you would like to request information in person, by mail or fax (518-477-2439) you may use this form (printable Adobe Acrobat .pdf format).
    Request for Records by E-mail - may be copied and pasted from the form entitled Request for Records by email (MS Word document) to your email.
    All requests should be directed to

  • Recording Secretary to the Town Board: The Town Clerk attends all Town Board meetings and authors the minutes, which are retained permanently for legal and historic purposes. The official Sign Board for the Town is maintained by the Town Clerk's Office and all identified meeting dates and affidavits of publication are posted on the Board as prescribed by law.
  • Cash Control Officer: The Town Clerk is responsible for the collection and disbursement of funds to the state, county and local fiscal officers of all fees collected.

Other Services:

  • The Town Clerk's Office also sells Zoning Maps, Zoning Books, Subdivision Books, and Town Maps.
  • US Passport Agents: The Town Clerk's Office is an official Passport Acceptance Facility. We accept Passport applications Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We also take Passport photos daily. The cost of the photos is $9.00. Due to new passport regulations, only two clerks are now agents. We suggest that you call the clerk's office at 477-7590 to be assured that staff is available to accommodate your needs. Special arrangements can be made for group trips to have an agent visit your facility and accept passport applicationss for travelers. More detailed information and US Passport Forms ('') may be viewed by connecting to the U.S. State Department via the link in this sentence.
  • Notary Publics: Notaries are available during regular business hours; call for shut-in service. A picture ID is required when requesting this service (i.e. - Driver's License, passport, military ID, etc.)

The Town Clerk's Office also performs many other duties for the town departments, (i.e. - orders general office supplies, submits press releases for the Youth and Recreation department, issues applications for registrants of the Youth and Recreation Summer Program, etc.).

Under the federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA), the county governments oversee all election responsibilities. In Rensselaer County, the clerks of local governments assist the Board of Elections with various aspects of the process, such as working with the election inspectors, calling in results, and registration of voters. Voter registration froms may be downloaded in English or en Espanol

If you have a general question or are in doubt as to which department you may need, please call the Town Clerk's Office. We are here to assist you. Answers to some common questions may be found at FAQ page.

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